Monday, October 31, 2011


Brystal turned 4 on the 27th! She has been looking forward to this birthday for a long time! Here is a little glimpse of what happened with the birthday festivities. I got brystal a train table and painted it to look like a garden for her dolls.
Hello Kitty kareoke player.
Hello Kitty helmet.

We went to lunch to McDonalds where she had to bring her Ariel doll that she got with the money that Oma gave her.
We met up with Brooke for lunch.
Boston helping me mke the cake.
Brystal talking to Grandma on the phone.
Tea set from Grandma and Grandpa Wood.
We had pumpkin pancakes for dinner!

Then we carved a pumpkin! Boston was new to this.
And Brystal was a pro!
The end result is supposed to be Malefisent from Sleeping Beauty. Brystal picked this out.
Brystal's birthday party began a couple days later with decorating princess hats and prince shields!
Here are her little buddies.
And here are the scary dragons!
The kids slayed the dragons with balloon swords!!
Then we dug for the royal treasure and filled our castle buckets up with lots of jewels and coins.
Nathan then joined us and made the kids balloon flowers and hats.
And everyone got their picture taken with their loot.

Then we had cake and ice cream and played the day away. Success! Brystal had a great birthday this year and we can't wait to see how she grows as a 4 year old!


Andi said...

Holy Cow Kace!!!! That was an amazing party. What a good Mama. Happy Birthday cute Brystal! When are you guys coming up next? I smell a reunion in SLC!

Shelly said...

I can't believe she's 4!!! She's so beautiful!

steve and jessica said...

What an awesome birthday! That party looked like a lot of fun.

Jen said...

I can't believe your little baby is FOUR! I remember when you told me you were pregnant with her. Happy birthday sweet girl!

amy said...

What! Tiny little Brystal is four. Craziness. What a cute birthday party. Hopefully Colorado wasn't too cold. I remember many a Halloween done in my heaviest coat. :) Glad to catch up with you!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

What a grown up girl you have there! She looks more darling with every post.

Marinda said...

Wish that had been my birthday party!

Can I get your address to send you a Christmas letter? :)

Wenni Donna said...

Thanks for these photos from Brystal’s 4th birthday party! These arrangements are looking simple but charming at the very same time. I am also making plans for my son’s indoor birthday party at a rental LA venue. Do you have any affordable party spot suggestions for me?